Technology Staffing and Contractor Services

Whether you need one or several people on a contract, contract to hire, or direct hire basis, Tech Assignment is here to help.  

The Tech Assignment team has extensive experience in developing strong relationship with clients which allows us to truly understand what you need while providing valuable insight into the competitive landscape.   We've provided contracting and staffing services from start-ups to the Fortune 500 and can assist in supplementing your recruiting efforts or provide drop-in recruiting teams for your urgent hiring needs.

Our exclusive focus in the Technology industry allows us to cover a wide breadth of technical roles at a level of understanding greater than general recruiting firms.  Our expertise lies in needs that require mid-level to executive expertise in the areas of:

  • Software Development: Web based, client server, mobile, and SaaS
  • Database, Datawarehouse, and Business Intelligence
  • Project Management, Process Improvement, and Documentation
  • Quality Assurance & Release Management
  • Network Security and Infrastructure Management
  • Hardware Engineering
  • ERP Systems




You probably needed resources to start a week ago. Tech Assignment can help you quickly and easily get the consultants you need to make sure that impending deadline goes without a hitch.

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We understand that your project needs to get done and you need a quality consultant that you can rely on. We stay networked with the best professionals in the industry so when you need that critical resource, we can let you know if they are available or when they will be. Forget about wishy-washy consultants that might bail on your project before it’s done. Tech Assignment utilizes proven resources and thorough screening processes to ensure your project goes on without a hitch.

For Contract to Hire services, we know that headcount planning and approval doesn't always work how you'd like. We know how to work with you and consultants to ensure that communication and expectations are set properly so there can be a smooth transition to a future on-boarding process for those times that you're unable to hire immediately or just want to evaluate them before hiring.


Our thorough candidate evaluation process makes hiring someone for your team a much more enjoyable process. Save time and headache by letting Tech Assignment do the heavy lifting to find the right people for your  team.

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Finding the perfect person is both an art and a skill. A skilled technologist is, of course, a requirement, but we know you want more than someone who can just "get the job done"--You need someone who can be a great team member. We take the time to thoroughly understand our clients and candidates at a deeper level to create the perfect match with highly skilled technologists that want to work with you in helping you achieve success.

Your job isn’t to hire people. It’s to get things done. We can help assist when efforts from internal resources that are stretched too thin or agencies that bury you from not understanding your unique business, culture, or technical needs.

Tech Assignment understands that your long-term hiring needs go beyond just a skillset on a resume. You deserve finding the perfect person.



Worried about classifying a consultant that you want to use?  Need someone to make sure that a consultant that you referred gets paid properly?  Years of experience in IT consulting make it easy for us to provide the payroll.

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As experts in the field of employment Tech Assignment offers its clients the ability to serve as the employer-of-record for consultants referred by your company. There are several situations in which a client may need payroll servicing:
  • Uncertainty of project duration and if a role will be long-term
  • Avoiding costly misclassification of 1099 or independent consultants
  • Contracting a potential employee before hiring them directly
  • Simplifying the labor intensive work associated with part time, seasonal, or freelance work
Your company can opt to hire any payroll serviced employee directly at any time.

Our goal is to save you time and money through relieving the burdens associated with payroll processing while providing your payroll serviced employees with exemplary service.